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This is it, the final roll call from San Diego before our move to Colorado. Couldn’t be happier to bookend the San Diego Creatives series with Philip and Chelsea Hansen. Are you kidding me? I thought, after our first meeting. It’s six weeks until we move, and I’m just meeting these folks now? Definitely one of those moments when I question the irony, the timing of our universe. I’m certain that we would have been better friends, given the time…barbeques, meet-ups after work for drinks, play-dates with our fosters and their pup Patrick. But here we are, moving forward—I’m grateful for the short time we were able to spend together.

Chelsea and Philip run Typewriter Boneyard, an online storefront featuring old world inspired, vintage lighting fixtures. Their collection is an extension of their creative partnership, a product of ideas built upon one another, unpredicted inspiration, and a dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Chelsea gets the “big idea” and Philip takes it from the napkin to the tool bench.

They call their lighting pieces “creations” because each fixture is unique with time and perspective. With each completed product also comes a story of where its parts came from, what it took to get them, and why the textiles served as inspiration. The lighting creation featured in the video (installed in Coffee and Tea Collective) utilized wood and keys from an old piano. Actually, keys from a piano that used to inhabit the shop that preceded Coffee and Tea Collective. It all comes full circle; rich with meaning.

Creativity, to them, is an evolving and dynamic process. When they’re not working with lighting, Chelsea can be found creating unique bridal accessories, a new headboard for their bed, or building relationships on social media and Philip can be found tinkering with anything from pipes to hardwood, to hand-furnish their new loft.

These folks have some seriously good energy. Typewriter Boneyard speaks volumes to who they are, and the style and care with which they live. What you are creating Philip and Chelsea, is amazing, but who you are, that’s what makes me smile.

We’ll miss you guys. We’ll miss you San Diego.

Huge thanks to Philp and Chelsea for making Typewriter Boneyard and The Dainty Woods stop four on what was our short journey to share the coolest, most inspiring folks in this creative town.

Also, special thanks to Coffee and Tea Collective for allowing us to shoot the install. If you haven’t been and dig local creative spots, head on out.

Thank you San Diego for embracing, cultivating and helping me develop my own creative abilities. Our time went by quick, but not without incredible conversations and brilliant relationships. Thank you to each and every one of you out there who continue to inspire and embrace this extremely fast paced and constantly shifting creative world.

* Directed, Shot, and Edited by Shaun Boyte. **Article written by Shaun Boyte and edited by KELSEY BROWN.

*** Film was color corrected in Lightroom 4 with Visual Supply Co. filters

  • Cody Small - REALLY LOVE THIS! You two certainly captured these inspiring people really well. Nice work!ReplyCancel

  • phil - Wow! I am drawn to those two in 3 minutes! Love the work you do with San Diego creatives. So many cool people I would have never heard of.ReplyCancel

  • Mary Ann Jones - Great job Shaun, I love seeing things creative people come up with. Its so much fun to be able to think of something and than bring it to life. Art is everywhere and in everything. Have a safe trip to Colorado.ReplyCancel

  • Laurie - Thanks for exposing creativity. Beautiful people, beautiful post. You’ll do magic in CO too. Wow!ReplyCancel

  • Chris Mathews - Amazing work! Any chance you could share some information on your video post production? How do you get that faded film look that looks similar to VSCO in video?ReplyCancel

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