day:one FCP to ADOBE

And it begins, the transition from Final Cut Pro to Adobe. As I said in my New York, Take One post, there were going to be some changes, and this is the first of many to come this year.

I say Adobe rather than Premiere because it’s really transitioning from an NLE system in Final Cut Pro to an entire comprehensive post-production suite (minus say color correction which will be determined after I get my hands in SpeedGrade) in the Adobe Master Collection CS6. So I’ll be learning how to import existing sequences from FCP into Premiere, learning a new workflow including setting up new sequences, DynamicLink so I can make changes in After Effects and simply save in order to see those changes appear in Premiere, and figuring the output/export flow.

Before ever diving into it, here are a couple things I am looking forward to :: First and foremost, the overall engine, background processing and clip handling is brilliant, for example, not having to convert all my Canon 5DM2 footage to ProRes before starting (huge time saver), integration with the After Effects is massive, checking out the rolling shutter and warp stabilizer features for the 5D footage, huge real-time playback upgrade from FCP, and during export not needing to use MPEG or Episode for Vimeo/Deliverables. Not to mention, when the use of new camera comes in the play soon, having native support for RED, Alexa and the Canon Cinema series is essential.

Though I’ve been told there’s not much of a transition between the two programs, I think this weeks timing is perfect to make the switch, I am on the brink of diving into the final San Diego Creatives edit (which will be my first edit in CS6) and will have a couple minutes to really get my hands dirty. First step, is downloading from Adobe. I am downloading the Master Collection and it’s a 6.8GB file, so is going to take my internet just over an hour to download. Here we go!



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