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There is an old mechanics shop south of downtown Denver on Bayaud where you’ll find Rob, Ben, their pup Lola, and the creative epicenter of Fin Art. Longtime friends and Colorado natives, Rob and Ben spend their days here practicing craftsmanship with friends, PBR, airplane wings, old conveyor belt parts, and copious amounts of sawdust.

I met them on a Wednesday in August and knew by Saturday that these were the good kind. The kind of folks you want in your life, to keep you real and keep you pursuing the authentic versions of your life you strive so hard to live. They say doing what you love is the key to success, but Rob and Ben don’t really give a hoot about notoriety or money, they just care about working with their hands and making people happy.

After six days of shooting spread over a couple weeks, I walked away from the shop and sat at my desk to sort through hours of footage and felt both empowered and inspired by their sense of purpose. Although the nature of our work is different, the starts seem almost identical. We venture into an old junk yard, sort through piles of unique material, and must summon every bit of resourcefulness to make something new, authentic, and valuable for the world.

It’s through these journeys we ultimately find out a little more about ourselves, leaving little pieces of our old identity hidden in each creation as we go, and discovering brand new layers of who we wish to become. Our art becomes a translation of who we are. The subtle curves, colors, textures that make up the final piece, all playing their own role.

Whether there is actually ever a finished product is yet to be determined. We will though, always be refining, growing, and pushing forth. One piece at a time.

Special thanks to Ben, Rob and James (in order of appearance of last three photos). I can’t thank you guys enough for inviting me in, sharing a few whiskey shots, and completely forgetting I was there to capture your story. Looking forward to seeing you go forth. Cheers.

Check out more goods on their site here ::  // And if you want to own your own piece from Fin Art, stop by Revampt or FactoryMade where they sell individual home/office pieces.

Project filmed, photographed, edited by myself Shaun Boyte, with the help of a handful of trusted creatives who gave me brilliant feedback and pushed me to make this project what it is. Article written by Kelsey Brown.

Music by: Tony Anderson // The Music Bed

To see more uncut footage, take a peek at the broll edit.



  • Laurie - Creatives, living their truth. All of you! Good work creates good emotions. Continually inspired by your work. Love!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Ann - Shaun, this is great. Love the way you create such beautiful stories that never feel rushed. They are so peaceful. I knew just what they would build the minute I saw the curved rollers. I love seeing things made out of discarded material. ThanksReplyCancel

  • Jeremiah Smith - Nice Job Cuz Rob. Great Video! Planning on coming out that way late Jan/Early Feb. Hopefully we can hook up.ReplyCancel

  • Adrian Yap - Can’t tell how much i am inspired to do more after reading your blog. Besides the technicality , I really like how your passion to tell a story out shine just making another video. Good stuff mate!

    You got a fan here from malaysia! 😉ReplyCancel

  • Tyler Clements - This is an awesome video! What did you guys shoot it on?ReplyCancel

    • Shaun - Thanks Tyler! Appreciate the kind words –

      Shot on a 5DMii with a 24-70mm lens.


  • Tyler Clements - Very nice, you got some great coloring out of the Mark II.ReplyCancel

  • Fin Art: Making modern furniture from vintage and salvaged materials - - […] Boyte Creative filmed this wonderful piece on Fin Art, a modern furniture collective made up of two guys named Rob and Ben in Downtown Denver. They take salvaged and vintage materials and turn them into lovely piece of furniture. They started off doing one-off pieces and then moved on to fill restaurants, and now take custom orders for just about anything. It’s all hand-made by these two guys (and some assistants) with no real modern factory machines to help or guide them. This is definitely a labor of love that they truly enjoy doing as you’ll see in the video. […]ReplyCancel

  • Ion - Hello again dear Shaun,
    I am back with a general question regarding your outdoor video shooting.

    In order to avoid overexposure in daytime maintaining 24fps ,do you use any ND or CPL (or both) filters on you lenses at low ISO ,wide open aperture, 1/50 for example ? Thank you,ReplyCancel

    • Shaun - Hey Ion –
      I use a variable ND filter on the lens. Brilliant tool.
      Cheers – SReplyCancel

  • weiter lesen - Visually engaging and assured character capture in a wonderfully told story. Thanks for making my day and inspiring.ReplyCancel

  • ancla - You guys did a very impressive work.
    The footage of the MKII looks very good. Did you shot this in cinestyle?
    A good choice of music, tony anderson killed it again :)ReplyCancel

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