When we look at where we are and where we want to go both personally and professionally, we put a few things on the table. Obviously, growth (continuing to push our abilities to better serve the clients we have today and the clients we are striving to serve one day), relationships (learning how to best love on and be in relation with those who we work with and are around), and learning how to work harder and more efficiently, will always be atop our list. However, we also feel lifestyle is and should continue to be one of the strongest drivers of our decisions. We believe that by living a life that enables us to be our best selves we can then learn more efficiently, grow stronger relationships, and be able to work harder when it’s go time.

As some of you may know, Shaun and Kelsey have recently moved from the city of Denver up into the mountains a half hour west of Boulder. And Mike is in the process of transitioning from northern Los Angeles back down to San Diego where we originally met and worked together. Both of the decisions were based on the lifestyle we want to live. Neither of the moves will slow us down, but rather we believe they will not only make us better suited for the clients we have, but also position us for the clients we want.

I recently came back from eight days in Africa filming and gathering stills for one of our non-profit clients, Plant with Purpose, back in January, and parking between the trees that split our driveway and stepping out to the fresh air and quietness that surrounds our home, was an instant hit of reprieve. The excitement for what this time up here in the mountains will bring is overwhelming. And I look forward to passing on the benefits to our clients  :)

And along the same lines of lifestyle and being able to serve today and tomorrow’s clients, we are beyond psyched to welcome Tyler Boyd to the team. Tyler, who is fresh off a long stint at Factory Design Labs, will serve as our main editor and occasional camera assistant. He brings the attitude and energy we pride ourselves on around here. As well as the excitement we have for the talent and skillset he brings, we are equally as stoked on his priority for lifestyle as well. If we get an edit out at 1-2am the day before it’s due, you can blame it on the fresh powder Tyler will be shredding in the backcountry in the morning. The exact thing we encourage, which pays dividends to the work we produce.

BTS Crispin-5

In the coming months we are going to refresh our site, reel, and be able to give a better glimpse at our capabilities. But until we get all the 1’s and 0’s dialed in, here is a quick peek, a glance per se, at what we do/love. Stoked beyond measure for what’s ahead of us. And are more excited than ever to tackle every project with a new energy and sense of purpose. As we say often on our daily conversations: Here we go.



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