mel and mike

When Mike originally proposed shooting a brand film for his new business, and conveniently added the potential of also photographing his wedding, I smiled. Then a week later he tossed a wedding video into the mix, just to keep things interesting. Couldn’t have been more stoked to hang out with Mel and Mike over their wedding weekend. I grabbed Adam and we each tossed two cameras over our shoulders and captured their super rad, light, beautiful day in stills and motion. (also, huge thanks to Ali for editing the stills…insane.)

Mike and Mel —

Your love is rich. The positive energy radiates, and it was special to stand behind bushes and chase you around for a day, watching as you committed to each other a lifetime of adventures and a winding journey through stages and chapters of great mystery, struggle, and powerful love. Thank you for inviting Adam and I to capture a brilliant celebration of it all. Cheers to the next 75 years!

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Wedding location :: Calamigos Ranch, Malibu

Check out our grading process using VSCO filters here.



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