mt huron

{this is the 2.35 version, for the 1.77/16 x 9 version visit here}


“Give Love. Be Lite.” – Hayden

I have had a list of things I’ve wanted to discuss on here, just thoughts that have led to deeper conversations with Kels. The problem is, every time I get close to putting words to screen, I jam up and convince myself I am not an expert on said topic. Yet, it’s a direct contradiction to my strong feelings I have against the wannabe image most of us color in of ourselves. It’s so easy to curate only the good parts of oneself. But life isn’t always cherry pie on a sunny afternoon.

I recently had the pleasure to assist Ryan Booth on a shoot and had a solid chunk of time to chat while driving around scouting the mountains of Colorado. One of the discussions we plucked at for a while was about our desire to do shit that matters. So much of my current log of hours on this planet is put toward making advertisements for stuff. And by all means, one must feed and clothe thy body, but is it possible to do that while also productively moving forward stories that inspire, push forth a cause, experiences, things that make this planet a better place?

Ryan has a project called SerialBox Presents. It’s a collection of gorgeous one take live music performances of bands that carry passion. Sit the band down, play beautiful music, capture it from a few angles, in brilliant settings, and share to the world. Passion. Just watch Zach Williams passion in this piece //

This is what I want to capture. Content that matters, that inspires, that pushes us all forward, to be better humans. Let’s do this. Go on. Be good. Be kind. Give love. Be lite.

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photos taken on a recent hike up Mt. Huron, Colorado // the video was made for this Happyolks Post. remember, go do good.

  • Ion - Dear Shaun, you and Kelsey (say hello to her) do a wonderful job .You as a filmmaker and she as a Chef 😀 Congrats, another lovely story .

    And now, the technical part : the movie is shoot RAW first (ML firmware) after that resized/upscaled ? which original settings resolution/fps ? all the best, thanks .ReplyCancel

    • Shaun - Thanks Lon! Actually didn’t shoot this one raw, just regular h.264. Hopefully will make raw a more prominent feature in the future, but until some of the quirks get ironed out, we are sticking to original files. Cheers!ReplyCancel

  • ION - Thanks. anyway, once again you have demonstrated that the message is more important and the subject of the story vs. how it’s shot, no matter which kind of shooting standard you have chosen. Best regards,ReplyCancel

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