Our 4th Birthday

Dear clients, subcontractors, agencies and friends (for those who don’t like to be called clients),

We are officially celebrating our fourth birthday. “Celebrate good times, come on!” I, Shaun Boyte, have spent four years creating moving images for Boyte Creative with the overwhelming trust, direction, mostly subtle and always crucial whispers from my partner, and our writer Kelsey Boyte, two years with the brilliant, yes, we CAN do that, Mike Grace, our producer, and now 3 months with the calm and honest energy of Tyler Boyd who edits, assists and shoots second camera. And of course the plethora of usual suspects on our crews:)

Reflection is always important, looking back from where we’ve come and focusing on the small achievements we hope to accomplish moving forward. We will continue to remind ourselves to take it day by day and celebrate what we have been able to accomplish. It is exciting to watch little mile markers approach in front of us and disappear as we lock in and work hard. My appreciation for those who have instilled trust in us goes beyond words. I am incredible thankful and grateful for all those who have helped us continue to kick. Thank you.

I want to express gratitude to those who have taken us to six continents (Antartica, we’re coming for you), have entrusted us with crew sizes varying from one to 30+, from kayaks with water housing with a 5D to hanging out of Tahoe’s with DJI Ronin and RED Epic. Helping shape us from the floors of convention centers on sticks and sliders for online audiences to handholding a week for broadcast. Baseball bats to Japanese beef bowls, from sustainable agriculture to young adults fighting cancer, parking meters to global transportation systems. Everything we do has meaning and importance, each step in this journey is a step forward.

We are living in a world of constant comparison, a life that looks curated and beautiful through the square boxes and perfected Vimeo accounts. I am constantly caught it in. Consuming only the best of what our generation is creating. My heart sinks, my head drums with a numbing beat that our work is progressing so slowly and we have so far to go.

And then Kelsey gets a beautiful sticker in the mail from Ali Nelson, it reads, “Compete with yourself, not with others.” (Ah, yes, timing. Thanks, Ali!)

For us we are trying to make it less about what the people around us are doing, producing, achieving. It’s about what we are capable of, capable of learning and using that as the bases for comparison and reflection. And even more importantly, it’s all really about life. Collecting full, deep, meaningful moments with our partner, loved ones, family, friends. It’s about celebrating the small things, the baby steps, the first movements in a new direction. Feeling the pain of our hands after a solid 4 hours shoveling cars out of ditches. Showering after a sweaty day in the humidity of summer in the South. Sharing a cold one with friends celebrating the birth of another year. Stepping back, pausing, and celebrating the good times. We are working on a new project right now and this phrase has come up over and over again in pre-pro, “Today IS the good ol’ days.”

Our mantra hasn’t changed, it’s just getting more engrained as we go and we all like to keep it fresh and top of mind to make sure we give you all we’ve got.

Work hard, do great work, and make people happy.

Thank you, so much, for everything. Really looking forward to giving back everything we’ve got this next year. Here’s to another year of the good ol’ days!

Cheers, Boyte Creative team

Below you’ll find the very first reel I launched when starting out 4 years ago, and our new, always under construction 2015 reel. I thought it’d be a great way to reflect on where we’ve come and the excitement for where we are going. Enjoy.




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