Salton Sea: the old frontier

Took a trip to the Salton Sea.  Drove around the entire lake, and just let the once booming part of California soak in.  Incredibly eerie.

At one point, I drove down a long road that was closed and found an old beach.  The only remaining buildings were the bathrooms, which were now just barely standing.  But a little ways off in the distance were a couple of camper trailers.  I was going to venture toward them, but I felt as I got closer that they were still being occupied.  Made my heart skip a little.

At the end of the day though, I did find the Salton Sea Wildlife Refuge, and it was awesome.  There was a 2 story open deck that I went up to watch the sunset, and ended up taking about an hour nap, and woke up to the stars, more clear than ever.  A moment and feeling I won’t forget for a while.  Just sitting by myself, in the middle of nowhere, my guess would be I was the only person in a 5 mile radius, letting nature happen around me.  Special moment to just be.

I shot mostly video, but caught a couple stills as well to bring back.  I feel like the world is headed in a direction where the new photo journalist will provide both video and stills, so here is my first go at the new frontier::

Salton Sea from Shaun Boyte on Vimeo.

  • Oh, you know - love this, love youReplyCancel

  • phil - Shaun those pix are different – erie and yet very real – thanks for sharing – probably a place most of us will never choose to visitReplyCancel

  • KJ - Definitely interesting – same feeling erie. Did it feel weird waking up in this desolate land? Reminds me of the movie Holes.ReplyCancel

  • sheila - I wanted to reach out and touch the tree trunk. Did you see all those age rings? wonder how it was felled?ReplyCancel

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