twice a week : 10312013

I am going through a phase of crazy testing on images/styles/approaches, figuring out what speak most to me. Twice a week is a way to ship as much content as possible, and push myself in ways I’d otherwise not. This past month alone I’ve shot stills with my go-to canon 5dm3, a 35mm pentax k1000, a 600 b grade polaroid camera from impossible project, and a fuji x100s.

VSCO has done an incredible wonder for all of us on the digital side of things, but occasionally, a part of me wants to fire a shutter and wait, hoping that i’ve exposed properly, focused where i wanted. the payoff is so rich. iĀ got my first color scans back taken on my Pentax k1000 from indie film lab and i thought i’d share a couple frames from the past 8 weeks or so :: trip to mt. evans, camping in at the base of mt. huron, a day trip up to loveland pass, and ben and rob from fin art.


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