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I texted David, who had just landed back in Kansas from being gone a week in California, on tuesday the 12th ::

4:05p | “can you be here at 8am tomorrow?”

4:08p | “8am tomorrow? i’d have to leave tonight at like 11pm. i don’t think that is going to happen haha. i just got back to my parents (where all my belongings are) a few minutes ago.”

8:26p | “about to leave kc. this is the craziest thing I’ve ever done I think.”

He showed up on our doorstep at 6:56am, with an exhausted but psyched smile on his face. We then got in the car and drove 9 hours to Zion National Park to meet up with Mike Grace, our producer, who drove from Santa Monica, to teach him how to shoot video on a 5D. We camped one night, woke up, cooked eggs and bacon over the morning fire, hiked and shot for a couple hours or so and then got back in the car and drove back.

This is the type of living I want to continue seek. One where I step out of my normal patterns and seek new perspectives, chase sunsets, and learn to ask more questions than I answer. The trip started and ended with new faces. Devon and Curtiss, sitting in their rad orange bus (better colors in David’s instagram shot), were driving from Oregon to Kansas for the holidays. We liked their bus and asked if we could take a portrait. And the last photo is Anthony, a guy who has been on the road for the past five years, searching for answers. We drove him the 150 miles from Zion to Moab. He is a brilliant guy, just decided to put some clothes in a backpack and hit the road.

It’s dudes like David, who get in their car at 8:30p to drive 19 hours from Kansas to Zion just to experience something he’s never done before, that inspire me. It’s couples like Devon and Curtiss, who buy an old pop top, grab their two pups and make time for slow road trips, to write a better story, that inspire me. It’s a guy like Anthony, who even when he has nothing but a few clothes and an

old guitar, decides he is going to travel the entire country, that inspire me.

I will push myself to do things that I’ve never done before, so I can be inspired by people I’ve never met before.

Below is a photo essay of the trip documented with a polaroid 600 and impossible project film.

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