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Last week Visual Supply Co launched a rad app for the iPhone called VSCO Cam. Within hours of its release a lot of rad folks in my industry I look up to, quickly shared via Twitter of it’s beauty. Just check out Collin Hughes New York shoot with it :: The Big Apple. Needless to say, it’s worth all 99 pennies. If I had any stake in the game, I’d tell them to develop their own social feed, a new Instagram but gain the professional photography/filmmaker communities rather than the mass population. Same thing that Vimeo has done to Youtube – carried the better content (charged a minimal fee to encourage that) without really competing directly. And if I also had a fork to eat that steak I had in the game, I’d tell them to get in on the video side of things as soon as they could. Not to say they are not already on it… (I made the portrait below with iPhone 4 and VSCO Cam app when shooting the post)

So after playing around for a couple days with the VSCO Cam app – I decided to take a stop by their site and check in on what defined them before they went mobile. And boy is their toolset breathtaking. The whole premise of what they do is take old film stocks and make them come alive in your digital files (well and they have a new insanely beautiful ‘website’s for the rest of us’ design branch almost ready to launch). Their film branch is a preset library they defined for Canon, Nikon and a standard for other cameras, that turns your digital files into old Fuji and Kodak film stocks (via Lightroom 4, ACR 7, and Aperture 3). And then with tweaks of your own, sharpness, exposure, etc, you have killer images with a beautiful grain, fade, and old film color spaces.

Let this not be an advertisement for just using presets and not learn how to edit/color correct your

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own photos to get them how you want. But for the most part I am in a video world and experimenting with grain and old color is a new look/feel and aesthetic I am loving playing with. So to let a company, that is fully dedicated to taking older photographs and keying in on exact look and feel, take the reigns for the beginning edit of a photograph, really opens up a new world. And what I love about all of this rapid forward progress in our industry (and quiet frankly easily accessible by the general public, as non professionals are now able to take gorgeous photos with their phone and Instagram), is that we are going to have to become more focused on what separates professionals from non-professionals. Framing, lighting, taking color correction from preset to adjusting subtle intricacies that makes the big difference, all while telling the most captivating story. This is an absolutely brilliant time to be in this industry, as it’s no longer about just making a photograph or capturing a video, but collaborating to combine ideas and techniques to blow away what used to be the standard. Super jazzed.

Kels, my love, runs a brilliant food blog called Happyolks. Her storytelling is like taking a weekly walk with a wise friend, as she relates current events, our lives, or the changing of the seasons with powerful metaphors for living life with strength, purpose, and a healthy conscious. Everything is whole, organic, and ironically the most nutritious foods seem to also be the most beautiful. This week we used VSCO’s Fuji 800Z ++ film as a test, and were super pleased the results. So in lieu of the new VSCO Cam app and the addition of the VSCO film to our LR4 library, I wanted to share some of the Happyolks outtakes that didn’t make the main post but still had a piece of me.

  • Oli - Peas & dough never looked so good. Great review & images :)ReplyCancel

  • Mike Collins - I hope a food publication sees these and you get some new work out of it. Seriously lovely work.ReplyCancel

  • Toby Clark - Tasty images :)ReplyCancel

  • Gabriel - Hello, I would like to know how you achieved this effect with Fuji 800Z + +. You just added the preset or made ​​some Tweaks.
    If I can, what camera was used for the photos?


    • Shaun - thanks for the kind words gabriel – i always make a couple tweaks. i used a 5dmii for this shoot, and the first image is from an iphone 4. cheers!ReplyCancel

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