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Kelsey read me this tweet this evening and it sparked the same fire I had when I wrote my last post on storytelling (also sparked by an interesting conversation with Karsh/Hagan’s CD Matt Ingwalson). But this time, I wanted to write an open letter directed at those who are creating these commercials. If you are a creative director, writer, producer, director, or anyone else anywhere along the process, I urge you to at least acknowledge this request. There is some passion behind this one, believe me.


Dear Content Creators,

This is our time.

For so long, we’ve been trapped in a world of linear thinking, a structure that defined the exact amount of time, words, and images you were allowed to show. It’s been a formula; introduce the product, tell audience why they need it, and then add call to action. It’s product first, it’s about finding the quickest way to obtain the potential consumers emotional need to desire said product. And it’s painful. Regardless of how beautiful the imagery was, how great the actors were, how produced, polished, thought out, if we continue to create content around our products, we will continue to push our audience to click the mute button, to dread the moments between the ‘action’.

We need to move forward together, through this deep sand, and onto a much more solidified surface.

I believe in a new form of storytelling. Of creating a tribe, a definition of who your organization is at the core, the beliefs, the truths of why this organization exist. Of what you fall back on regardless of the hardest of struggles or the grandest of victories. Speak truth to your people, the people who also hold those beliefs close to their hearts. Because at your core, you’re not a product, or a platform or a sellable entity. At your core you are a human, a soul that not only believes you can be the best at what you are doing, but you are constantly working for that exact thing. At your core, you are built of love, life, movement, of non-physical items. Let’s start treating our storytelling the same.

Tell stories, ones that have emotion behind them, for your tribe. If we collectively take this idea on, can we begin to redefine the structure? With the digital shift of what has previously been defined as broadcast, we are only going to get more targeted, have a better handle of who will see our stories, of who might be interested what we have to say. Can we together start selling the idea that we aren’t just an item, but rather an important part of the definition of the life they are living. This isn’t the beginning of this idea, yet

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a reminder as this new era flood of media exponentially grows. As a brilliant start, let us take Cary Fukunaga’s, Sleepwalking in the Rift, as a beautiful example.

May I plea to please use those 3 minutes we have, to enlighten, inspire, and educate. Let’s use this time to better our world, define the hidden paths we are running down, allow people to connect with our core, our ultimate purpose.

I know we are capable, more than ever, of achieve a higher level of storytelling. We are equipped with the perfect tide, we just need to commit, all of us.

to breaking old rules and not looking back,




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