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Mike and I just got off the phone, where before we dove into the prop list we still need to acquire before our shoot in a couple days, we took some time to reflect on a piece I just wrapped up. The piece above was the video we were referring to, which is a short piece we created for First Descents. We talked about quality control on our public spaces verse sharing things, regardless of production value, with a story because they are important to us.

Originally, we had interviewed Beast for a separate project. But during the interview it became clear that snowboarding was a huge staple in her life during her journey with cancer. So naturally, I jumped on the thought of getting out for a day to capture some snowboarding and tie the interview back in. With the brand mantra of First Descents being ‘Outliving It’, they were psyched about the idea. So I went up to the mountain solo, on a snowboard and got a couple runs in toting my camera along. No monitor to actually see was I was shooting, no slow motion to pull little selects out of crappy shots, no assistant bouncing beauty light, just a simple attempt to capture enough footage to help tell Beast’s story.

Then, when I cut back into her interview, because we weren’t originally going for this story, I couldn’t find a way to have her phrase it the way she mean’t it. So I felt it would be a bit better to write her words out the way it made sense and have her read them back. Personally, I like things naturally over being staged or read, but hey, this is a quick and dirty and what the project and timeline offered us.

To me it’s rough, not produced at all, just a thought that came to our heads and with quick execution with little planning. And that’s where the conversation started.

It’s an important part of our brand to do pro-bono work. To give back to the community around us, both locally and internationally. Yet where the brand question comes in is where do we display these not quiet up to par on the production side of things pieces but incredibly important to us on the story side.

And Mike and I decided they belong front and center.

That’s what we are about here and that’s what we always want to be about. We don’t want to only be about showing off our best images, only the things in slow mo on the best equipment and the most refined and produced work. We are about telling the best stories possible, regardless of the guidelines and limits we are given. Yes, we are going to do our best with what we have to work with, and when projects call for it, we are psyched to use the best equipment budgets allow. But, at the same time, when projects that mean a lot to us come around, regardless of production outcome, we want to share and be proud we were called upon to do something important.

We will continue to produce the best work we possibly can, and sometimes, with the limits given, it won’t be our best work. But that doesn’t take away from the care we’ll put forth and the respect we’ll have for what it means to us, and to everyone involved.



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